How we work

What does installing solar power involve?


(Not everyone does this.)





Initial contact
Site survey
Detailed proposal
Final design and engineering
Testing and acceptance

Initial Contact



Before we do anything, we learn about your site and your expectations.

• Which way your building faces
• How much shading there is
• How much power you use and what you pay for it each month
• Why you want to install solar and what you expect from it
• Your roof’s type and structure
• Your financial questions
• Any and all other questions you may have

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Site Survey



What type of solar energy system is right for you?

  • Physically confirm your site’s orientation
  • Physically check shading (the less, the better)
  • For roof-mounted arrays, check the roof’s dimensions, condition, structural soundness, rafter spacing
  • Inspect your current electrical equipment and service
  • Physically check for any potential installation issues
  • If your building isn’t right for Solar, we’ll tell you right then and there.

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Detailed proposal



We specify exactly what you’ll be getting:

  • All the deliverables
  • Anticipated system performance
  • Proposed schedule
  • Total price (with no surprises)
  • Warranty of components

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Final Design



Detailed advance planning makes everything go smoothly.

• Specific solutions to problems the site survey identified
• Complete, itemized bill of materials
• Final custom design documents
• Schedule of materials deliveries

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Installation can be as quick as 1 to 3 days. (But it’s never too rushed to do the job right.)


  • Industry best practices
  • Full code compliance
  • Inspection in accordance with local guidelines
  • We flash every roof penetration at no extra cost. 
  • We install the required AC disconnect so that it will never cut off all power to the house. (It takes us a little more time, but your electricity will never be shut off.)

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Testing and acceptance



We’re not finished until everything’s right.

• Initial test by installation team
• Electrical inspection by approved inspector
• Before connecting your system to the power grid, your electric utility tests for normal and abnormal operation, maintenance mode, emergency mode and contingent operations.

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Follow up



We come back to make sure everything’s working as promised.

45 days after we’ve finished your installation, we visit to make sure
• your system’s producing up to design specifications.
• you know everything you need to know about monitoring and maintaining it.
• you have no unanswered questions.

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